Whichever reason brought you to Serbia – tourism, business or love – it is necessary to speak the language. Even though most of the people here speak English more or less (your colleagues, friends or the beloved one might also), if you want to become a real part of the local society you do need Serbian while communicating in the streets, at a bank or a beauty salon, or at a market…

We’ve been teaching Serbian language in Russia, Serbia and Montenegro for 13 years already, and 5 years ago Razgovor became the leading school for the Serbian language, teaching over 100 people per year. Some of our graduates have become translators, others moved to the Balkans while others improved and diverted their careers. Their success inspired us to broaden our horizons, so in 2013 Razgovor started its work in Belgrade.

Of course, our main goal is to keep providing the highest level of service: in all countries we work only with experienced teachers, graduated from leading linguistic universities of Russia and Serbia, we vouch for the quality of both the learning process and its result. We guarantee success to anyone who is dedicated to achieving it!

We offer:

  • Modern Serbian language with methods based on the newest Serbian school books and our teachers’ original curriculum.
  • Lessons with the best Serbian language teachers, graduates and/or got PhD at leading linguistic universities in Russia and Serbia.
  • Preliminary test to determine your existing language skills.
  • Individual lessons and an individual approach. The curriculum will be modified to meet specific individual demands.
  • Small studying groups: 3 to 7 students.
  • Skype lessons.
  • You may have a preliminary conversation with the teacher.
  • Flexible schedule coordinated with the group, all-the-year-round admission of the new students.
  • Preparation for exams of any level.
  • Graduation certificate.
  • Comfortable learning environment during the lessons and the pleasure of studying Serbian

For individual or group lessons, send us an email at info@razgovor.rs.

If you are not a beginner, you can take a short test, so that we determine the level of your knowledge.

Prices for Serbian language studies (in RSD per person):

Number of the students in the group 1 lesson (90 minutes) 1 month (8 lessons)
1 2100 16800
2 1200 9600
3-7 1000 8000
Skype lessons (60 minutes) 1500