We will be happy to offer you our experience, professionalism and special study conditions for corporate clients, if you want us to teach Serbian to your employees in the quickest and the most effective way!

We teach all levels – from A1 to C2 – both individually or in mini-groups. Our effective curriculum was developed by the teachers, who specialize in curriculum formation from Moscow in cooperation with their colleagues from Belgrade. It’s based on the newest school-books from Belgrade and Novi Sad Universities as well as on the original teaching methods of the Razgovor’s language center teachers. Besides the general course of the Serbian language, we are ready to offer every corporate client a course in Serbian business language, and also the study courses especially developed in line with the specific area of expertise of the company’s or its subdivisions’ activities.

Below, is our price list for teaching corporate clients Serbian. Please notice that we offer a discount if 10 or more employees from the same company attend our classes!

Number of the students in the group Price for 1 lesson (90 minutes) for 1 student Price for 1 lesson (90 minutes) for 1 group Price for 1 month
1 2500 2500 20000
2 1500 3000 24000
3 1100 3300 26400
4 900 3600 28800
5 750 3750 30000
6 650 3900 31200
7 600 4200 33600

The language center Razgovor is also at your service, when it comes to needing an interpreter for participating in business negotiations, accompanying a delegation or for work at any event, held by your company or attended by your employees. Our team will translate to and from Serbian text on any subject matter, size and complexity. We can assign a permanent translator or several if needed, for the duration of a lengthy project or for regular business purposes.

We also translate documents that have been certified by a sworn court translator, edit, revise and type texts.

We offer the following prices for translation for our corporate clients:

Number of pages Written translation Written translation certified by a sworn court translator Editing The revise Typing of text
Less then 10 1500 2400 770 550 550
10-100 1450 2300 740 520 520
100-500 1400 2200 710 490 490
500-1000 1300 2100 680 460 460
More than 1000 1200 2000 650 430 430
Verbal interpretation Less than 3 hours More than 3 hours
Consecutive interpretation 6500 6000
Simultaneous interpretation 7500 7000

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