ana-nemovaAnna Nemova, CEO: I’ve been studying Serbian for 17 years already, 13 of those – with my students from the Moscow State University, as well as with independent students who are studying Serbian in addition to their main profession. All these years, I’ve been dreaming of creating a place that would unite those who love Serbia, its language and people as much as I do. Five years ago my dream came true: my colleagues, associates and I had opened the language center Razgovor* in the very heart of Moscow.

We believe that our main goal is to teach our students to speak foreign languages (besides Serbian, we teach 10 other languages), because a conversation can work wonders!

What we love best and are capable of doing is helping people understand each other, despite all the barriers dividing them in the modern world.

We are happy to be able to work in Belgrade now. For the past 5 years we’ve achieved a lot in Moscow, thousands of clients speak of us with respect, we’ve gained a great reputation and have become the leading school for Slavic languages in Russia. We are more than ready to share our knowledge, experience and the highest professional expectations with clients here in Serbia.

* razgovor (rus.) – conversation