The russian language is considered to be one of the most complicated languages in the world. There is an obvious advantage to speaking it. Earlier the Balkan people would study Russian, after being inspired by close political, historical and cultural connections. But in our days, as Russian business massively comes to the Serbian market, the Russian language on a par with English becomes a language of business communication. Russia has already achieved the leading position in the goods turnover with Serbia and its export to Serbia. It is the 4th biggest importer out of Serbia. The economic prognoses and historical logic let us assert that these two countries will only extend their cooperation, which means that you can already secure your future, by raising your skills and studying Russian, regardless of your field.
In Moscow in the Razgovor language center we have been successfully teaching expats and emigrants for more than 5 years. Our teachers have developed highly effective teaching methods of Russian, that let us feel proud of our students’ achievements. Besides the original courses with experienced teachers, we organize regular seminars with the native speakers, who will not only have you speaking correctly, but will also ensure that your language is conversational.
We are sure that Razgovor will become your reliable partner in the hard, but gratifying labor of language study and will help you achieve your goals, whether it’s moving to Russia, finding a job in a Russian-Serbian company, taking a tourist trip or even reading classical literature in the original language.

We offer:

  • Modern Russian language with methods based on the newest Serbian school books and our teachers’ original curriculum.
  • Lessons with the best Russian language teachers, graduates and/or PhD recipients at leading linguistic universities in Russia and Serbia.
  • Preliminary test to determine your existing language skills.
  • Individual lessons and an individual approach. The curriculum will be modified to meet specific individual demands.
  • Small studying groups: 3 to 7 students.
  • Skype lessons.
  • You may have a preliminary conversation with the teacher.
  • Flexible schedule coordinated with the group, all-the-year-round admission for the new students.
  • Preparation for any level exams
  • Graduation certificate
  • Comfortable learning environment during the lessons and the pleasure of studying Russian.

For individual or group lessons, send us an email at

If you are not a beginner, you can take a short test, so that we determine the level of your skills.

Prices for Russian language studies (in RSD per person):

Number of the students in the group 1 lesson (90 minutes) 1 month (8 lessons)
1 2100 16800
2 1200 9600
3-7 1000 8000
Skype lessons (60 minutes) 1500