English language is one of the six official languages of the UN, and second working language in the EU, a billion and a half people speak it, another billion is studying it. Political regimes are changing, the economy is developing, the impact center is moving, but English keeps on being a language of international communication and one of the most popular languages in the world. That’s why someone’s business success and comfort outside the office depends on speaking English.

Even though this is common knowledge, and most people have studied English at school or university, not all of them can brag of being fluent. There are lots of obstacles in the way of studying a foreign language – the specifics of a school curriculum, lack of practice, the language barrier, and often one has to start learning English all over again. But even if you do speak English fluently, there still might be areas demanding improvement – travelling and communicating with local people, working in some specific areas of expertise, watching movies or reading books in the native language.

And of course we can’t forget about the children – in the modern world lot of parents start teaching their children English at a very young age, and most of the teenagers need extra classes to achieve a success.

We can help you in any case. Our student’ success is based on two key factors. First, we use the effective course from Oxford University – New English File. Oxford is the leader in the text book market, and New English File is a highly recognized around the world system, though unfortunately, it is not known well enough in Serbia. It is always supplemented with our teachers’ original ideas, and their professionalism, experience and attentive attitude which become the second factor in their students’ success. The high professional qualification of our teachers and the universality of the teaching method provide you with an individual approach even during group classes.

If you already have your own group (family, colleagues or like-minded friends) the curriculum can be developed precisely according to your needs. And if you prefer to study tete-a-tete with the teacher, you can be sure that all your requests and individual concerns will be considered, so you wouldn’t waste a single minute of your time.

We offer:

  • Modern English language with methods based on Oxford University’s program New English File and our teachers’ original curriculum.
  • Lessons with the best English language teachers, graduates and/or got PhD at leading linguistic universities in Russia and Serbia.
  • Preliminary test to determine your existing language skills.
  • Individual lessons and an individual approach. The curriculum will be modified to meet specific individual demands.
  • Small studying groups: 3 to 7 students.
  • Skype lessons.
  • You may have a preliminary conversation with the teacher.
  • Flexible schedule coordinated with the group, all-the-year-round admission of the new students.
  • Preparation for exams of any level.
  • Graduation certificate.
  • Comfortable learning environment during the lessons and the pleasure of studying English

For individual or group lessons, send us an email at info@razgovor.rs.

If you are not a beginner, you can take a short test, so that we determine the level of your knowledge.