The Language center Razgovor offers high-quality translation of any complexity from English and Serbian languages into Russian language, and from Russian into English and Serbian. We are ready to help you in whatever you need – written, consecutive or simultaneous translation or accompanying services. Only professionally qualified interpreters with wide range of experience both in Serbia and Russia become members of our team. When needed, we can assure a translation in the shortest terms.

We provide the following types of translation:

  • Written translation of any subjects and size (private and corporate documents, financial, banking, bookkeeper’s, technical, law, medical, pharmaceutical and other documentation, professional and private correspondence, advertising and entertainment texts, science publications, fictional prose and poetry, web-sites);
  • Written translations of documents certified by a sworn court translator;
  • Consecutive and simultaneous translation of any level talks up to governmental (including phone and skype conversations), business and science conferences, exhibitions, seminars and lectures of various topics, presentations and cultural events both in Serbia and abroad;
  • Language assistance for delegations or individuals in Serbia or abroad;
  • Audio and video material translation;
  • Revise, proofreading editing and text typing.

The steady team of experienced translators guarantees impeccable quality, the speed of translation that meets your needs and complete confidentiality. Every translation is proof-read. Our interpreters speak foreign languages fluently and have years of experience. They possess excellent business acumen, with the added ability to adapt to various situations while working and are proactive in resolving any issues that may arise.
Our translators have worked for the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Serbia, Russian Orthodox Church in Belgrade, Russian Academy of Sciences, Office of the Procurator General of the Russian Federation, Gazprom, Lukoil, Russian Railways, NIS, BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH, the Embassy of Republic of Croatia in Russia, TV channel Russia’s Channel One, TV channel Russia-1, Russian state radio company The Voice of Russia, Aeroflot magazine Aeroflot, the Institute of the Political Researches in Belgrade, the International University of the applied sciences Megatrend, the Fund of studying the historical perspectives, the Moscow Medical Academy n.a. I.M. Sechenov, the pharmaceutical company Belupo Medicines and Cosmetics, etc.

We offer the following prices for the translations from and into Russian:

Number of pages Written translation Written translation certified by a sworn court translator Editing The revise Typing of text
Less than 10 1400 2200 700 500 500
10-50 1350 2100 670 470 470
50-100 1300 2000 640 440 440
100-500 1200 1900 610 420 420
More than 500 1100 1800 580 400 400


Verbal translation Less than 3 hours More than 3 hours
Consecutive translation 6000 5500
Simultaneous translation 7000 6500

The exact price of the translation depends on the time that it takes and complexity. If the event is held outside of Belgrade, the prices might differ from those above. The efficiency of a verbal translator depends on how far in advance materials are given, pertaining to the subject matter of the translation.

For a price calculation and to submit the time, write us at