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1. My father __________________

 doesn’t cooks don’t cook doesn’t cook

2. Water __________________ at a temperature of 100°С.

 boils boil is boiling

3. David is __________________.

 my boyfriend’s sister my sister’s boyfriend boyfriend of my sister

4. My father’s __________________.

 engineer an engineer a engineer

5. Our local festival is __________________ Friday.

 on in at

6. My wife hates __________________.

 watch football watching football to watching football

7. Q: Is this your bag?
A: __________________

 Yes, it’s my. Yes, it’s mine. Yes, it’s mine bag.

8. What time __________________ to bed?

 did you went went you did you go

9. How many bathrooms __________________ in the house?

 are they are there is it

10. Q: What __________________?
A: They’re doctors.

 are they doing do they do they do

11. A waiter is a person __________________ takes the food from the kitchen to the tables.

 which who what

12. Who __________________ this song? I like it.

 written did write wrote

13.The exercise was very difficult. We __________________ do it.

 didn’t can didn’t could couldn’t

14. Butter is __________________ for you than olive oil.

 badder worse the worst

15.Very __________________ people can travel abroad.

 few little much

16. He went to the supermarket __________________ some milk.

 for getting to get for get

17. Tomorrow’s a holiday. We__________________ work.

 mustn’t don’t must don’t have to

18. What will you do if you __________________ the exam?

 will pass pass would pass

19. If we had a garden, I __________________ a dog.

 will buy bought would buy

20. How long __________________ your car?

 do you have have you have you had

21.She __________________ Spanish for three years.

 is learning learns has been learning

22. When I got home I realized I __________________ my mobile at work.

 left had left have left

23. I’m not very good at __________________ sport.

 the a /

24. He always gets __________________ late on Fridays.

 to home to the home home

25. My car __________________ at the moment.

 is repairing is repaired is being repaired

26. It’s been a long time since we saw each other, __________________.

 isn’t it didn’t we hasn’t it

27. If I __________________ to that party, I wouldn’t have met my wife.

 didn’t go wouldn’t have gone hadn’t gone

28. Could you tell me where __________________?

 is the bank the bank is does the bank

29. You look stressed. Try __________________ yoga, it will help you to relax..

 to do doing to go to

30. I told him __________________ go away.

 to don’t to not not to